There are several ways to cheat in Iron Lord. Perhaps the most simple (and lowly) is a cheat module available on the downloads page. For those wishing to get more hands-on, you can also alter the savegames, using the following table (courtesy of Dave Lodge) available on the DoggySoft website at

You can also cheat in Iron Lord by altering various attributes in the BASIC code for the seperate sections. To do so, select one of the following sections (note that the altered copy of the game on the downloads page already has these modifications made):

- Archery
- Arm Wrestling
- Armed Combat
- Battle
- Labyrinth
- Worth its weight in gold...


1 - Load the Basic program Iron2
2 - Change variable SC%(AR%)= to SC%(AR%)=99
3 - Save Iron2

Every time you hit the target, no matter where, you will get the maximum score of 99!

Arm Wrestling

1 - Load the Basic program Iron3
2 - Enter the line

1219 SG%=0:AO%=3:?(HIMEM+&15D)=0 and press Return

3 - Save Iron3

Every time you arm wrestle, you will Win!

Armed Combat

1 - Load Iron4
2 - Enter the following:

361 AS%=4:AV=0 and press Return
350 REM and press Return

NOTE: on line 350 you would be better to enter REM at the start of the line but copy the rest of the line after the REM statement.

3 - Save Iron4

Every time you against your uncle's assassins you will always win!


1 - Load Iron5
2 - Enter the line

531 NUA%=0 and press Return
3 - Save Iron5

Every time you battle on the battlefield against armies you will always win!


1 - Load Iron6
2 - Change line 1310 to

1310.enevent TEQ R0,#0:MOVNES PC,link:STMFD (sp)!,{R0-R3,link}
3 - Change line 1400 to
1400 SUBS R4,R4,#0
4 - Save Iron6

You should then find you have infinite oxygen and can take your time.

Worth its weight in gold...

To get 255 Gold coins:

*LOAD <Saved Game File> 8F00 ?&9050=&FF
*SAVE <Saved Game File> 8F00 +200