Hints and Tips

Please choose the section of the game you want help with:

- Speed Through France : the quickest and best route through the game
- The Battle : best tips on how to survive massive combat against your enemies
- The Labyrinth : there's only one way through the demonic caverns...

Speed Through France

This is the quick and easy guide to completing the first section of Iron Lord. Note that you don't even have to go near the archery competition to complete the game - it's just a decoy! But it's a fun decoy and definitely worth a try, especially if you aim for the lone bush toward the top right hand side...

Go to village of Lorando.
Go to the inn with the salesman.
Ask the salesman for help. He should Ask you to help him find a necklace.
Go to the town of Corantek.
Go to the gaming room.
Have an arm wrestle in the contest and win!
Then Ask the serving girl in the gaming room for help.
She should give you a pendant that was given to her by the Mercenary.
Then go and see the Mercenary.
Give him the pendant.
Ask him about helping with rising an army. He will say he needs a ruby for payment.
Ask him about the necklace.
He will say he has one but needs a suit of armour as payment.
Then go back to village of Lorando, and go into the inn with salesman again.
Ask him about suit of armour.
He should have it for sale. Buy it! Then Ask about the ruby.
He should say he has it for sale but needs the necklace first.
Go to the town of Corantek.
Go to Mercenary and give him the suit of armour. He will give you the necklace in return.
Return to the village of Lorando, and the inn with the salesman.
Give him the necklace. He will offer you his 'Milliants' to help fight the war.
Then Ask him about the ruby. He will say he has it for sale - buy it!
Go to the town of Corantek.
Go to the Mercenary and give him the ruby. He will now help you in the war.
Return to your castle and raise your armies!

You can also help the Knights Templar in the chapel, and the peasants, among others, but this - like the archery competition - is not necessary for the completion of this section of the game. Doing so will, however, give you larger armies with which to play during the battle section.

If you wish to gain extra armies of Herbalists, Monks and Peasants, however, you can enter the archery competition and do the following:

Win the archery competition and give the trophy to the Herbalist in the same town (to the northeast) for him to offer his Herbalist army.
The Innkeeper will get his army together if you get the Priest to sell him some wine. Give the Priest the antidote and he will agree.
Once you have the Innkeeper`s army, go to the Miller and discuss. You should now tell him that the Innkeeper agrees to pay for the flour. Problem solved, and everybody is happy, and it's time to have a war.

The Battle

The battle scene follows a classic turn-based RPG layout - your soldiers are represented by companies, rectangular blocks on the battle field, each with their own crest depending on who is fighting. You lay out a course for each company to move on and then end your turn. Your armies move, then the enemies move, and so on.

In the battle scene, if you move your armies around, you will notice that their maximum strength will increase but then their actual strength will decrease so you then have to rest them. Your maximum strength also increases if you move onto the enemy armies, as you have the advantage; it also makes more sense to attack the enemy armies when they have a lower strength than you.

You can check this by pointing at the armies and clicking with the left button. You should ideally have about ten armies but you might get away with fewer than this. If you use this as a battle strategy, the battle section should be very easy, and you will be free to progress onto:

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a top-down view of a cavern system, similar to the small map when you move around in villages in the first section of the game. Swords, keys and energy must be collected to survive and open locked doors. The Labyrinth is a tricky place in which to get lost; therefore, I have the following maps to help...

The key to the maps is S = sword, G = gate, K = key for gate, B = beginning, E = exit, * = energy.

The following links take you to GIF images stored on this website. A downloadable drawfile containing all six maps will be available shortly.

Level 1 Map | Level 2 Map | Level 3 Map | Level 4 Map | Level 5 Map | Level 6 Map