CRASH article:
A link to a brief but interesting Iron Lord article hosted on the site of CRASH (which has since moved to here), a ZX Spectrum magazine which was published from 1984 to 1992 and has been recreated as an internet archive.

Iron Lord saved game file format:
Courtesy of Dave Lodge and hosted on the DoggySoft website, where you can also find Archimedes cheat mods (álá Cheats Prosper) and some other programs. Also refer to the cheats and mods page.

Acorn Gaming entry:
The Acorn Gaming database entry for Iron Lord; contains basic information.

Universal Videogame List:
Gives information on several different versions of Iron Lord.

Ubi Soft homepage:
Actually contains no information on Iron Lord whatsoever, but you might be interested to see just how far they've come since the days of 48k loads on a Spectrum.

GROS Pixels review:
"A great care taken to the realization and a tendency to l?experimentation which gives sometimes contestable results as a atičre of jouability." Gros Pixels is a French gaming site with an Iron Lord review which is mostly readable, and I put it here just for a little cosmipolitan variety. You should however note that it is actually in French, and translated by Google. The original site is available here.

GameFAQs list:
Iron Lord/Ubi Soft references on the GameFAQs website.

CPC game review:
A brief summary of Iron Lord from the Amstrad CPC website, including an Amstrad download of the game. The site also links back to a short entry on TACGR (The Amstrad Computer Games Review).

C=64 Iron Lord download:
German C=64 gaming site The Living Daylights (in English) hosts an Iron Lord download in d64 and t64 format. thread on !Ironlord fighting thread on Acorn Game Authors thread on AU Iron Lord